Listed here are the characters of the "Bungakushoujo" series, in order of importance and/or how much I like them.

Recurring characters

Amano Tooko (天野 遠子)
The titular self-styled "bungakushoujo". Third year high school student at Seijou Gakuen. A connoisseur, or to be more accurate, gourmet, of books. Eats books (literally), and cannot taste the food other people eat. Apparently gets this from her father. Likes sweet things, hates horror. Eats everything Konoha writes her, no matter how odd they might taste. No good with sports and machines. Currently living with the Sakurai family. 俺の嫁。

Inoue Konoha (井上 心葉)
The narrator, and protagonist. Second year high school student at Seijou Gakuen. Submitted a novel he wrote, Sora no Niteiru (青空に似ている), in his third year of middle school to a literary magazine under the pen-name of "Inoue Miu" (井上ミウ) which ended up winning first prize and becoming a bestseller and having movie and drama adaptions and so on, but Miu's attempted suicide occurs shortly after and since then he has avoided getting involved with other people, sworn off writing, and occasionally suffered from attacks of hyperventilation. However, he has started to brighten up ever since meeting Tooko.

Asakura Miu (朝倉 美羽)
A childhood friend of Konoha's. They were together for most of their childhood until she attempted suicide then moved away in their third year of middle school. Yandere. Or maybe dereyan. Or yangire. No, dereyangiredere?

Kotoboku Nanase (琴吹 ななせ)
One of Konoha's classmates. Likes him. Respects and admires Tooko. Tsundere.

Takeda Chia (竹田 千愛)
First-year high school student at Seijou. Dereyan. See: "Bungakushoujo" to Shinitagari no Pierrot.

Himekura Maki (姫倉 麻貴)
Chairman of the orchestra club. Nicknamed "hime" (姫/"princess"). Likes painting, and would like to use Tooko as a nude model. Rich.

Sakurai Ryuuto (櫻井 流人)
Only son of the family Tooko lives with, and a little brother to her. First-year high school student (not at Seijou), but looks older. Ideal partner is Kotonoha-sama.

Akutagawa Kazushi (芥川 一詩)
One of Konoha's classmates. See: "Bungakushoujo" to Tsunagareta Fool.

Book-specific characters

Shinitagari no Pierrot

Kataoka Shunji (片岡 愁二)

Uekawaku Ghost

Amamiya Hotaru (雨宮 蛍)
The Catherine Linton, and second Heathcliff of the story.

Kurosaki (黒崎)
The Heathcliff of the story.

Kujou Kayano (九條 夏夜乃)
The Catherine Earnshaw of the story.

Tsunagareta Fool

Sarashina Mayuri (更科 繭里)

Kanomata Emi (鹿又 笑)

Kegarena no Ange

Mito Yuuka (水戸 夕歌)

Omi Shirou (臣 志郎)

Mariya Keiichi (毬谷 敬一)